Active Learning Packages


Level One – £300 –  attendance to active learning across the curriculum course and access to active learning and active learning/active homework ideas resource.

Level Two – £550 –  2 places on the active learning course, a place on the leading interventions course and all resources.

Additional Bolt on options

Level one plus an in school twilight or parent session – £750

Level two plus active learning equipment bag and 10 homework bags – £1050

Add on additional parent workshop or staff meeting sessions on any of the following areas  –  *Improving health and wellbeing  *Active learning  *Improving literacy and numeracy through active learning *Improving emotional health and well-being *Making the most of the outdoors *Healthy eating.

£250 for 1 off session    –    £600 for any 3 sessions    –    £1000 for all 6 sessions