Forest School Resource

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Support your leading of Forest School activities through using our range of resources. From a selection of invitations to play around themes such as communication and cohesion and sustainable living, example risk/benefit analysis’s through pictures around tool use, this will support the practice of any leader.


At Accelerate Learning we feel that having a strong set of life skills will support children in whatever they choose to do in the future. Building negotiation skills through cohesion challenges may be useful in later employment. Holding a tool for a personal mindful moment may help with coping with the stresses children are experiencing younger and younger.

The unit documents contain a number of ideas around a central theme. On page 2 of each document, there is a why, how and what to discuss applying this theme within Forest School ethos. These have been written to enable practitioners to have ideas at their fingertips if needed without increasing their workload beyond collection of some common Forest School resources.

Also included are a set of risk assessments and other assessment documentation. We have chosen to apply a benefit to each risk being undertaken. You may find it more
appropriate in your setting to simply add an overall benefit analysis to your previous risk assessment document. The ideas are all prepared, editable and available to you to use as you see best. Finally, a full 6 week programme following the theme of story books for ages 3-5 who are new to Forest School is included.
This programme could be edited to meet the needs of any KS1 or younger group, and includes a balance of invitation to play activities and lengthy free play opportunities.

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