Health and wellbeing toolkit

Over the last few years we have been supporting schools to develop their health and wellbeing and we have collated and produced a number of exciting resources and ideas that are making a huge difference. Alongside Sarah Huggins (PSHE specialist adviser) and other area specialists in outdoor learning, yoga, mental health and nutrition we have put together a useful toolkit for schools to use to develop their area in their own setting. The toolkit contains resources for 8 different areas: Healthy body, Healthy mind, Healthy eating, PSHE curriculum, Family health, Developing life skills, Health education & Staff wellbeing

The resources are a range of posters, worksheets, fun activities, assembly ideas, case studies and monitoring materials to judge impact. The toolkit can be purchased for use on it’s own or alongside CPD or in school enrichment days for pupils in any of the areas.

Cost £495

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 Free staff wellbeing ideas

A list of different ideas that have been collated from various schools which have helped to improve staff wellbeing:

Free trial of a staff wellbeing yoga session: