Using PE and sports funding to develop outdoor learning. 

This term many schools have been using their PE and sports funding effectively to support increased opportunities for outdoor learning leading to improved outcomes across all 5 key indicators

Ideas include:

·     Linking outdoor learning and forest schools to other curriculum subject such as English, Maths, Science, geography and art.

·     Setting up cross curricular orienteering opportunities – which have again been used across a range of subjects.

·     Running focussed forest school/ outdoor learning sessions each week to improve life skills and mental wellbeing.

·     Getting outdoors daily to run/ walk a daily mile or complete some other 15min physical challenge.

·     Developing activity levels at lunchtimes through a rota of activities/ equipment per bubble.

·     Training lunchtime staff to facilitate a range of different activities for outdoor learning, health and wellbeing and physical challenges.

·     Improving their outdoor environments to allow pupils to access spaces more frequently.

·     Running support groups and interventions for pupils using the outdoors

·     Training staff members to utilise the outdoors to enhance their learning.


 If you are interested in developing this area in your own school. You may want to consider:

·     A whole school training session on outdoor learning/ basic forest school ideas.

·     Having your school mapped to create your own orienteering trail

·     Getting additional members of staff trained in forest school leader level 3 or our 1 day supporting forest school activities course

·     An in school support package to help develop a forest school/ outdoor learning environment and give staff ideas on how to use this.

·     Outdoor learning/ forest school/ team building enrichments days for your pupils.

·     Regular forest school session delivered each week.

*Please get in touch if you wish to discuss the options and availability we have for these sessions. In section 6 we also have a list of different CPD courses available in these areas.