Many of you will have already received my email in late July or heard the news elsewhere that the government have confirmed that the Primary PE and sports funding will continue for the academic year 2020/21. This means that you can now fully plan how to make the best use of this funding to support the health and wellbeing of your pupils.

The lateness of this announcement and the fact the funding was in no way guaranteed gives us a bit of a  wake up call to really ensure the funding we receive this year and any under spend from last year is really utilised in the best way we can to ensure maximum impact and sustainability in future years.

We have worked hard over the last few years alongside the active partnership to support schools in the sustainable development of their PE, sport and health offer and have written a number of examples of schools spend and the impact they have had. If you’d like to look through these you can download them here: We are also planning a number of ways in which we can continue to support schools this coming year including our annual Headteacher/ Governor briefing, a health and safety update session, an improving school swimming course and our match funded package for new schools/ new PE leads. We would love to hear from you if there are any other areas you’d like us to focus on.

Information you need to be aware of:

  • The school impact report for last years PE and Sports funding allocation 2019/20 should have been uploaded to your website by the 31st July 2020. There will be an understanding that not all actions and impact took place due to Covid-19. Web reviews will be taking place on these this September 2020
  • Schools should carry forward any underspend and actions they feel are still relevant from this years plan and allocation to use by March2021.
  • Funding should continue to be spent in a way that has a cost effective impact and will lead to long term sustainability. It should not be spent on things that cannot be sustained should funding discontinue.
  • You should not use your funding to: employ coaches or specialist teachers to cover PPA, teach the minimum requirements of the national curriculum or fund capital expenditure.

If you would like to check the current guidelines and information from the government website you can do so here:

We also have a number of free resources and support materials, including action planning and impact report templates and monitoring materials to download on our website:

For schools wishing to ensure they have well trained, confident staff and the right resources in place to sustainably deliver high quality PE lessons and wider health and well-being opportunities. We have a number of cost effective options from online/ virtual courses to bespoke 4 day confidence boosting in school support sessions. You can view these in the attached CPD brochure and on our website here: