The new Ofsted ‘deep dive’ has been giving a few PE lead’s sleepless nights, last newsletter we signposted you to a blog on our website which gives a heads up of the questions asked during an inspection at another local school. One of the biggest areas of concern to PE leads is the area around the progression of skills in PE and how to show what you are doing. This is particularly true if you are earlier into a shake-up of staffing and have historically had teachers working from schemes of work or coaches in, as the progression can be much harder to track (if evident at all).

To support you in this, we’ve made an editable progression framework which can be downloaded from our website. Following best practice, we’ve linked this to AfPE ‘head, hands, heart’ as outlined here:

Effective delivery of the National Curriculum Expectations will ensure that children develop into thinking physical beings and doing physical beings which impact on the behavioural change to equip them for lifelong participation, using the concept of Head (thinking) Hands (doing) and Heart (behavioural change).

Download the progression framework Key Skills in Physical Education